Grading Guidelines for 7th Grade Life Science:
    Formative Assessments:  Formative assessments will be conducted as checkpoints to gauge students' understanding of content.  This may come in the form of bellringers, exit tickets, quick checks, homework, etc.  Formative assessments do not influence a student's overall grade and will be used to check understanding of the content.  Since formative assessments do not factor into a student's grade, they will not be subject to retakes.
    Summative Assessments:  Summative assessments will be conducted throughout a unit in the form of labs, quizzes, and tests.  Summative assessments will check for mastery of the content and will be the influencing factors of a student's grade.  Students should expects multiple labs and quizzes and one test per unit of study.  Only tests will be able to be retaken (below are the guidelines), however, quizzes and labs will not have that option.
    Retaking  tests are to ensure that a student is developing a mastery of the content.  All students in 7th grade will have the opportunity to retake tests, as long as they meet the guidelines stated below.  It is mandatory that all students scoring below a 70% on a test, take a retake if they have followed the guidelines.  However, it is recommended that students who score a 75% or below on a test, take the option of retaking.  Students who score above a 75% on a test, should not focus on retaking and should focus on the future material.
    In order to retake a test, the following guidelines must be met: 
    1. All work for the unit, up to the point of the test, must have been completed on time.  Students who do not complete the homework and classwork leading up to an assessment, will not have the opportunity to retake that particular assessment.  This is to encourage students to put forth a maximum effort into learning the content throughout the unit.
    2. Students need to have a parent sign the original assessment they are retaking.
    3. Students need to complete the retake packet by the assigned deadline.
    4. Students need to complete the retake during their resource block or after school by the given date. 
    If a student has not completed all work on time leading up to the assessment, they will not be permitted to re-take.
Last Modified on August 16, 2019