Students become eligible for membership in the BWHS chapter of the NHS during the fall semester of their junior year.  In order to be considered for membership, the candidate must have a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.5 or higher.  If a student meets this requirement, he/she will receive an email via the student's LCPS email indicating their eligibility and directions as to their next steps.


    Candidates should be advised that scholastic eligibility does not guarantee selection to the chapter.  Candidates are evaluated further on the basis of outstanding leadership, character, and service.  Leadership and service documentation and evidence will be supplied by the candidate as part of the candidate portfolio.  The faculty council members may wish to obtain additional information to assist them in making their decision.  Faculty evaluations can be used by the chapter to consider both the positive and negative aspects of candidates’ character. 


    If a candidate wishes to be considered for membership, he or she must complete the candidate portfolio, available on the BWHS NHS webpage.  Upon submission of the portfolio, a faculty council—five members of the BWHS faculty that are appointed by the principal—will evaluate your candidacy based upon the aspects of leadership, service, and character that you have documented in your portfolio and in the required essay section.


    All five (5) members of the faculty council will review your candidate portfolio, discuss it, and vote on your membership.  Students are selected for membership with at least 3 ‘yes’ votes.  The faculty council does not consider your grades during its deliberations, as your GPA only serves as a basis for eligibility.


    Evaluations and recommendations submitted during the process, and individual judgments of the Faculty Council will not be disclosed to parents or candidates.


    The candidate portfolio must be completed and submitted by the posted due date, and selection or non-selection decisions will be made by the faculty council before the end of the First Marking Period.  The chapter advisers will then send each candidate who submitted a portfolio a letter informing them of the faculty council’s decision.


    In the case of non-selection decisions, special efforts will be made to explain the selection process and the reason for non-selection to students.  It is the advisers’ and council’s intent, in this explanation, to provide effective direction to students to assist them in reaching their goals despite the existence of a specific setback. 


    The BWHS NHS chapter does have an appeals process in place.  Appeals must be registered with the principal within 10 school days of notification of non-selection.  The principal then reserves the right to ask the faculty council to reconvene to review the appeal.


Last Modified on October 29, 2019