English 11

    Required Texts and Materials

    ·        3-ring binder with dividers; blue or black ball point pen; pencil/eraser; highlighter; book cover

    ·        The Scarlet Letter  by Nathaniel Hawthorne*

    ·        The Great Gatsby  by F. Scott Fitzgerald*

    ·        The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn  by Mark Twain*

    ·        Language of Literature-American Literature- McDougal-Littel

    *all titles available for check-out through the English Department

    Course Overview


    1st Quarter:

    • Untimed writings  for SOL practice
    • Vocabulary Units 1-3
    • Early American Literature to 1750
    • Literary Analysis-genre and structure
    2nd Quarter:
    • Untimed writings for SOL practice
    • SOL practice tests
    • Romanticism and New England Renaissance to 1850
    • Vocabulary Units 4-6
    • Literary Analysis-time period and theme
    • Group research
    3rd Quarter:
    • Timed writings for SAT practice
    • Untimed writings for SOL practice
    • SOL Testing-Direct Writing on March 5th
    • Regionalism, Realism, Naturalism, Modernism to 1925
    • Vocabulary Units 7-9
    • Literary analysis-theme and symbolism
    • Indidvidual research project
    4th quarter:
    • Timed writings for SAT practice
    • Reading, Language and Research Review (RLR)
    • SOL End of Course Test in mid-May
    • Modernism and Contemporary Age to present
    • Vocabulary Units 10-12
    • Literary Analysis-theme and symbolism 
    • Outside novel project