• Reminder...Kindergarten students do not receive grades first quarter.
    The kindergarten curriculum follows the Virginia Standards of Learning.  
    When viewing the Parent Portal, assignments will be prefaced by an "S", "F", or "D".  An "S" represents a summative assignment that assesses student knowledge at the end of a unit.  An "F" represents a formative assignment that assesses student knowledge throughout the unit.  A "D" represents diagnostic assessments to identify current levels of understanding.
    Graded assignments will be aligned with the report card grading system using the following:
                      4/E = Exceeds the standard
             3/M = Meets the standard
                      2/P = Progressing towards the standard
                      1/B = Below the standard
    Student grades will be posted in CLARITY within 10 instructional days of assignment completion.
    Click here to view the parent guide to the Kindergarten report card.