• Class Room Policies
    Please review these very important rules and expectations for a successful year in the Art classroom! If you have questions or concerns, please let me know.

    1.       Come on time and prepared for class: You are on time when you are in your seat with supplies out at the sound of the tardy bell.  We begin class promptly every day.  When tardy, without a note, you will be invited to have lunch with Mrs. Freeman to figure out why we are late to class.  If this continues to be an issue, your daily participation grade will lose points. 

    2.       Cheating: Drawing on another student’s work is cheating; it is not helping them learn! Recreating from something you see online and taking credit is also cheating.  Submitting the same homework/project ideas and all other cheating/plagiarism issues will resolve in a phone call home, a zero for the assignment and alerting your administrator. Best practice is BE ORIGINAL!

    3.       Be respectful: Use appropriate language to teachers and peers; inappropriate language is not tolerated!  When conducting a critique on classmates’ artwork, we only use language that can be helpful in strengthening their art skills. 

    4.       No horseplay: in the classroom or outside the classroom at any time. Students who violate this responsibility will immediately be asked to leave.  

    5.       Make-up work:  When you know you will be absent (family vacation, field trip), it is YOUR responsibility to turn in any work that may be due.  In case of a sudden illness or unforeseen absence, work must be turned in the next class you are present.

    6.       Completion of assignments: Homework assignments have a full week for completion.  You must turn it in on the date assigned or it becomes a zero.  If class time is managed properly, all assignments can be completed during class hours.  All incompletes not finalized before the end of the quarter will result in a zero for the entire marking period

    7.       Always ask permission to leave the class.   For safety purposes, only one male and one female student are allowed out at the same time.  If abused, student will no longer be given permission to leave.

    8.       Safety and Care of Art Tools: Many of our art tools can cause injury if not used properly.  Listen carefully and apply safety methods when using art equipment. 

    9.       Computer etiquette: Computers and printers are only to be used for art research.  Keep the stations clean and only print what’s necessary.  We will review when and where to print documents later.

    10.   Care in studio space: We take the last five-ten minutes at the end of class to clean up.  The room must appear the same way it did when you walked in at the beginning of class.  Leaving items in the sinks or leaving before your table is cleaned will result in suspension of art materials the following class.  

    Grading Policies:
    Class Participation/Studio Grade:
    Participation points and in-class assignments are one or two day assignments, such as worksheets, class critiques, and daily studio behaviors. Students must come to class on time and prepared each day.  Failure to do so will result in losing class participation points.  
    On Fridays, we will work on creating visual journals.  Your sketchbook will be used for taking notes and practicing concepts, but it will also be used to create small compositions.  These Friday Journaling Days will be graded on the following class meeting (Tuesdays), as homework assignments were and will need to be completed for a grade.  Failure to do so could result in half or no credit on the assignment.
    All assignments are graded with straight points.  Mrs. Freeman will not weight grades.  Most projects will receive final grades out of 100 points, however many will also have progress grades throughout the process too.  Because projects can be lengthy, it is helpful to have smaller grades that indicate if the student is reaching particular checkpoints and making the necessary progress to finish on time.  All final projects will be graded with rubrics and marked with comments by Mrs. Freeman.  
    PLEASE NOTE: All projects are given feedback and may be reworked!  If a student is not happy with the grade given, they are encouraged to use the advice given to them (on the rubric) to make the changes.  If the work completed meets the standards for a higher grade, Mrs. Freeman will be happy to change the grade.  Please understand that this is only true of projects within the same quarter.  Mrs. Freeman will not change a grade for previous quarters!