• Welcome to Art 3!
     still life   Pop Art   oaxacan   Zentangle
    Please note that your grading system differs from Art 1 and 2. 
    You will be graded more heavily on projects since the majority of your time is spent on these.  Here is the breakdown of your graded work:
    Class Participation
    Reflections/Re-submitting Works:
    Not happy with your grade? Refer to the rubric you were given to reflect on how you could rework the art piece.  Submit the updated work before the end of the quarter to receive/recover points. Please note, I will not accept works on teacher work days. 

    Art 3, Quarter One Nine Week Plan





    Metaphysical Self Portrait

    Weeks 1-3 

    Peer reviews, Rubric  Assessment 

    Van Gogh’s Flowers 

    Weeks 3-6 

    Critique, Rubric Assessment 

    Oaxacan Animalitos 

    Weeks 6-9 

    Formative Assessments, Rubric Assessment 

    Visual Journaling/Sketchbooks 


     Summative Assessment 



    Art 3 Handouts