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    DPN Notes and Timeline

     Day 1:   Board of Trustees announces via a press release that a hearing candidate, Elizabeth Zinser has been selected as the 7th president of Gallaudet University. Students were outraged and marched to the Mayflower Hotel demanding to talk to Spilman, the Chairperson of the Board of Trustees. March 6, 1988.

    Day 2: Students convened all night and blocked the entrances to campus. When the Board arrived to meet with the students they were presented with the following demands:

    1.      Zinser resign and a Deaf president be appointed

    2.     Spilman resign from the Board

    3.     51% of Board of Trustees be Deaf

    4.      No reprisals against any protestors

    When demands weren’t met students walked out and marched to the Capitol Building. March 7, 1988.

    Day 3: Campus open but classes boycotted. Four students emerge as leaders and National attention is given to this movement. March 8, 1988.

    1.      Greg Hilbok

    2.     Tim Rarus

    3.     Jerry Covell

    4.      Bridgetta Bourne

    Day 4: King Jordan publicly announces his support of Zinser. Hilbok and Marlee Matlin are on ABC’s Nightline. March 9, 1988.

    Day 5: Hilbok was on Good Morning America. Students blocked the campus entrance again. Support from the community and the American Postal Workers Union were given. I. King Jordan retracts his support of Zinser. Zinser resigns. March 10, 1988.

    Day 6: Students are celebrating but waiting for all four demands to be met. They stay for Spring Break. Again, they march to the Capitol Building. March 11, 1988.

    Day 7: A day of rest and BBQ’s. March 12, 1988.

    Day 8: Board of Trustees met all day. Phil Bravin and Jane Spilman announce:

    1.      Spilman resigned

    2.      Bravin (Deaf)  named Chair of BOT

    3.      Taskforce designed to form 51% majority on Board

    4.      Dr. I. King Jordan named 8th and 1st Deaf President of Gallaudet

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