Napoleon Political Cartoons (This is a powerpoint with an enlarged version of each cartoon in the document above.)
    Research Paper Questions
    Do your homework on the day it is assigned!  You won't have time to get help, if you wait until the night before to start your homework.

    Establish a specific “homework/study” schedule. You should have “homework” everyday.  This does not necessarily mean a specific written assignment.  You should never say,  “I don’t have any homework.”  Instead, you might say, "I don't have any written homework, but I should read..., review..., or study..."

    Reading and Regular Review should be a permanent and consistent part of  your daily routine. 
    The BEST thing that students can do to improve their grades is to read and study a little everyday.
    • Students are expected to write their homework assignments in their agendas everyday.
    • Homework assignments are on the board everyday. 
    • In addition to written homework assignments and reading assignments, students should review their notes daily.
    Most homework and other written assignments should be turned into turnitin.com. 
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