• Office of Special Education
    21000 Education Court Ashburn, VA 20148
    571 252 1011
     Director of Special Education
    Dr. Suzanne M. Jimenez
Staff Title Contact
Mark Nichols Assistive Technology / Vision / DHH Mark.Nichols@lcps.org
Dr. Joy Engstrom Autism Specialist Joy.Engstrom@LCPS.org
Jamilah Anderson Autism Specialist Jamilah.Anderson@lcps.org
Alison Lyons Behavior Specialist Alison.Lyons@lcps.org
Michelle Post Behavior Specialist Michelle.Post@lcps.org
Stefanie LaPolla Behavior Support Coordinator Stefanie.LaPolla@lcps.org
Eileen McCartin Deaf & Hard of Hearing Specialist Eileen.McCartin@lcps.org
Kristin McGraw Early Intervening Specialist Kristin.McGraw@lcps.org
Arlene Sattin Basques Elementary Special Education Supervisor Arlene.SattinBasques@lcps.org
Ashleigh Spiegel Elementary Special Education Supervisor Ashleigh.Spiegel@lcps.org
Jennifer DiVello Elementary Special Education Supervisor Jennifer.DiVello@lcps.org
Kimberly Jones Elementary Special Education Supervisor Kimberly.Jones@LCPS.org
Megan Wagner Elementary Special Education Supervisor Megan.Wagner@lcps.org
Rick Berry Elementary Special Education Supervisor Rick.Berry@lcps.org
Diane Newcomer IEP Coordinator Diane.Newcomer@lcps.org
Bridget Gorey Secondary Special Education Supervisor Bridget.Gorey@lcps.org
Deborah Dupree Secondary Special Education Supervisor Deborah.Dupree@lcps.org
Dr. Elizabeth Martinez Secondary Special Education Supervisor Elizabeth.Martinez@lcps.org
Toni DeLuca-Evans Secondary Special Education Supervisor Toni.Strauss@lcps.org
Nan Lewis Special Education Coordinator Nan.Lewis@lcps.org
Donna Smith Special Education Procedural Support Supervisor Donna.Smith@lcps.org
Last Modified on February 24, 2017