• Use this page of bundled documents to help you individually or collaboratively with your Literature Circle Teams. 
    Directions:  If you see something you would like to use either in class or at home to help you complete specific tasks, print that document and use it. *** If you see something that you want to use during your 30 minute teaching session, let Ms. Smiley know so she can make enough copies for your "students".
    Macbeth bundle documents: Mac. docs 
    1. Macbeth Character Timeline
    2. Paradox & Equivocation documents (2) 
    3. Plot Summary of the entire play 
    4. Short Answer Study Guide Questions  
    5. Cornell Notes graphic organizer Act I, Scenes 1,2,3  
    6. Cornell Notes graphic organizer all of Act I
    7. Vocabulary terms Vocabulary
    Julius Caesar bundle of documents 
    1. Understanding Character Motivations graphic organizer/chart  
    2.Character List  
    3. Multiple Choice Study Guide Questions 1-14 
    4. Vocabulary Terms (on Objectives Page)  
    5. Questions for Essay and/or Discussion  
    6. Power Point Slides (blank)- Use to take notes while reading  
    7. J.C. Synopsis (Folger Library) 
    8. Teaching Dramatic Terms in Julius Caesar  
    9.Character Connections 
    10. Study Guide  ACT I (teacher's copy with answers)  
    11. What's the 411? Themes in Julius Caesar
    *** Character Activity for either play Character Activity
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