• Dominion High School

    Physical Education Procedures



    q  Promote physical fitness and wellness as a lifetime commitment.

    q  Emphasize the skills, sportsmanship and teamwork involved in sports.

    q  Participate and understand the rules and concepts of various activities.

    q  Be active and have fun.



    q  Students must wear a Physical Education Uniform at all times. 

    q  Uniforms should be taken home and washed each week.

    q  Proper athletic shoes are to be worn at all times.

    q  A student forgetting their uniform may rent a uniform from their teacher for the price of $1.00. 

    q  Your uniform must have your name on the back.  For health purposes, you are not permitted to borrow other students’ uniforms.


    Locks, Lockers, and Locker room:

    q  Each student is provided with a combination lock and a small locker.  Sharing lockers is prohibited.

    q  The large lockers are only to be used during your physical education time.  Locks left on the large lockers after your time has ended will be removed.  The Physical Education Staff are not responsible for its contents.

    q  Lost locks should be reported to the teacher and a new lock will be issued.  Replacement cost for a lost lock is $5.00. 

    q  Locks from home may not be used.

    q  No horseplay or running in the locker room.

    q  Students are given 5 minutes to change and return to the gym.

    q  No book bags are permitted inside the gym or locker room.

    q  All personal items are to be locked inside your locker during gym time.

    q  The locker room will remain locked during physical education class time.

    q  The athletic locker rooms will remain locked during the school day. 

    q  At the end of the day, you will be given 5 minutes to change back into your school clothing.  You will remain inside the locker room until the bell rings.


    Gym Regulations:

    q  No gum, jewelry, food or drinks in the gym.

    q  Students are not permitted to use any of the Physical Education Equipment unless authorized and supervised.


    Class Procedures:

    q  You must be seated in your squad by the tardy bell.  After roll is taken, all students will go directly to the locker room.

    q  After changing, all students will return to the gym for instant activity.   

    q  Students needing to use the restroom will ask their teacher and be given permission to go.

    q  Water breaks are given throughout class time. 

    q  At any time, when a whistle is sounded, all students are to sit down and listen for instruction.

    Doctors Notes and Excuses:

    q  All doctor notes should be taken directly to the nurse’s office before school and a copy returned to your teacher.

    q  The teacher will assign a written assignment or an alternative participation activity.  Students should still be prepared to dress-out for physical education regardless of restriction.

    q  Long-term medical excuses will be dealt with on an individual basis with the student’s Physical Education teacher.

    q  A note from home does not excuse the student from dressing out, or allowing them to work on other class work. 

    q  A note from home will not be accepted for more than one week.  Any excuse beyond 1 week must be written by a doctor.  Doctor notes will be valid for up to one month and the LCPS Doctor Limitations form must be submitted to your teacher. 

    q  A note from home must include a phone number where a parent/guardian can be reached during the day (forgery is basis for disciplinary action).



    q  Absenses from Physical Education, Health, and Driver’s Education are required to be made up with the PE instructor.  Make-up work is the responsibility of the student and should be obtained immediately upon the student’s return to class. 


    Grading Procedures:

    q  9th grade:  Is a combination of 50% Health, CPR and First Aid and 50% Physical Education

    q  10th grade students receive a separate grade for Driver Education during the first semester.  Second semester will be a combination of 50% Health and 50% Physical Education.

    q  Tests and quizzes are equivalent to a weekly grade.  Tests may come from sports, skills, officiating, and physical fitness testing.