• What is the LCPS Information Literacy Framework ?

    Mission Statement: Students will become independent learners who are information literate and socially responsible users of information.

    What is Information Literacy? Information Literacy is defined as the ability to know when there is a need for information, to be able to identify, locate, evaluate, and effectively use that information for the issue or problem at hand (Source: National Forum on Information Literacy http://www.infolit.org/).

    The Six Step Process to Information Literacy (SSP): LCPS teachers developed the SSP to support the Virginia Standards of Learning for English and Technology as well as the LCPS English/Language Arts curriculum. To provide consistency, the same steps are used for all grade levels. Specific activities and products build on previous knowledge and skills and increase in skill development by grade level.

    Evaluating and Documenting Sources: Emphasis on evaluating and documenting sources is a significant part of the SSP, due to growing concerns about the credibility of sources and the need to follow copyright protections laws and Fair Use guidelines in the information age.

    Below is the SSP. On each page you will find instructional resources to support each step:

    1. Define Task
    2. Find Sources
    3. Evaluate Sources

    4. Record Information
    5. Synthesize Product
    6. Reflect on Learning

    Step 1, students define the task their teacher has given them and identify the kinds of information they will need to complete the task.

    Step 2 asks students to consider and locate all possible sources of information.

    Step 3 requires students to assess the reliability of each source.

    Step 4 the students extract the information, record it, and compile bibliographic documentation.

    Step 5 they synthesize the information, choose an appropriate format, construct a product, and present their findings.

    Step 6 asks that students reflect upon the merits of their research process and their research product.

    Internet Safety: The safety and security of our students is our responsibility. As appropriate at each grade level, students must learn how to use the Internet safely and effectively. Internet safety lessons can be found at www.Netsmartz.org. Check out the LCPS Internet Safety Guide.

    Last Updated: November 2015