• AP Statistics

    Mr. Reynolds


    Dear Student and Parents:


                    Welcome to the new year.  The purpose of this letter is to inform you of the goals and expectations of this class.  It is my hope that this classroom will be a learning friendly environment.  I will strive to assist the learner in understanding the many concepts developed during the course of this class.  I am usually available before and after school for any extra help needed as well as during Titan Time.  I encourage you to seek me out for additional help whenever you feel confused, frustrated, or discouraged.  Don’t wait until you feel overwhelmed. 


    Course Description: AP Statistics is a yearlong elective course that is designed to introduce students to the fundamental concepts of collecting, describing, displaying, and interpreting data, as well as making decisions and predictions on the basis of that information.  In AP Statistics, students explore data by observing patterns and departures from patterns, plan a study by deciding what and how to measure data, anticipate patterns by producing models using probability theory and simulations, and study statistical inference by confirming models.


    • Study graphical displays
    • Collect, organize, tabulate, and display data
    • Interpret results and draw conclusions about specific data sets
    • Predict the likelihood of occurrence for given scenarios
    • Perform tests of significance for given scenarios
    • Describe populations estimations with respect to confidence intervals.


    Student Expectations:


                    Students will be polite and positive in all their interactions with other students and teachers.  They will report to class promptly and prepared.  They will be expected to participate in all learning activities and give every task their best effort.  Activities are there to assist in the development and understanding of the concepts.  Students will be expected daily to come to class with a pencil, notebook, the text book, and a calculator.  Cheating will result in at least a zero for that assignment and possible further disciplinary action.

                    Students will be asked to attend a clinic if they do not follow the expectations stated above. 



    ·         The grades will be earned based on the following percentages.

    Tests, Quizzes, and Projects = 90%


    Homework and Classwork = 10% (Homework needs to be finished, corrected, and on time to receive full credit. All late homework will receive no credit.)


     Students who complete this course will be prepared for their next math course.  If you would like to communicate with me please feel free to call (571) 434-4400 or email (JB.Reynolds@lcps.org).