Discipline Task Force
    Please Note:
    The Discipline Task Force has completed its work and made its report to the Discipline Committee which is currently reviewing and addressing the recommendations.


    Teresa Cambetes, Chair, Jennifer Hvozdovic, Sam Shipp, Kim Jackson, Neri Gonzalez-Sales, Ryan Tyler, David Spage, Kent Sommers, Sheri Robinson, Tom Marshall, Sylvia Ross, John Lody, Edwin Lucas, Lindsey Wilson, Mark Crowley, Sharon Tropf, Jennifer Lovelace, Cliff Hanger, Yvette Castro-Green


    Tom Reed, School Board/Chairman of the Discipline Committee; Bill Fox, School Board; Debbie Rose, School Board; Ned Waterhouse, Deputy Superintendent 


    The Loudoun County School Board does hereby create a Task Force, (a Select Committee), to review appropriate data, practices, standards and/or policies associated with student discipline within the school system and recommend modifications to the Discipline Committee of the Board for further review and consideration. Given the importance of achieving a proper balance between providing a safe learning environment within each school and the rights of students and parents, it is imperative that a Task Force comprised of members with diverse perspectives and expertise review the policy to determine what, if any, changes should be made.

    The Task Force shall be comprised of 19 voting members appointed by the School Board. The members include:

    • Six (6) school and non-school based staff
    • Six (6) parents- each Board Member of the Discipline Committee shall appoint two
    • Two (2) mental health professionals- one from LCPS and one who is licensed and in private practice
    • Two (2) law enforcement- one Security Resource Officer (SRO) from LCPS and one from juvenile court
    • One (1) parent from the Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC)
    • One (1) parent from the Minority Student Achievement Advisory Committee (MSAAC)
    • One (1) parent from the Gifted Advisory Committee

     A majority of the 19 voting members is necessary for a meeting quorum.

    The Board Members of the Discipline Committee shall nominate by majority vote the mental health and juvenile justice professionals. SEAC, MSAC, and Gifted Advisory Committee will nominate their respective representative. All other members shall be nominated by the Division Superintendent or his designee. All selections are subject to the approval the Discipline Committee and appointment by the School Board.

    The Task Force members will be subject to the Freedom of Information Act. And, the Task Force will report to the Discipline Committee. 

    The Task Force will have 6 months from commencement to complete its review and provide a final report to the Discipline Committee. The Discipline Committee may grant extensions upon request.

    The Task Force will have four main goals. These goals are, but are not limited to, the following:

    1. Review the LCPS Discipline Policy to ensure conformance with Virginia Code; and
    2. Develop recommendations to improve LCPS communication to parents and students about the discipline policy; and
    3. Develop recommendations to improve data collection and reporting of incidents requiring disciplinary action; and
    4. Develop recommendations to ensure the LCPS discipline policy incorporates “Best Discipline Practices” based on a review of relevant research, data, and experience of other school divisions.

     Any portions of Board Policy §2-16, Committees, being to the contrary are suspended for the purposes of this motion. 


Last Modified on August 26, 2014