What is FUTURA?
    F - Facilitating
    U - Understanding
    T - Through
    U - Utilize
    R - Real life
    A - Application

    FUTURA - Grades 4-5

    COURSE TITLE: Gifted Education (FUTURA) Grades 4-5


    DESCRIPTION: The Loudoun County FUTURA program seeks to enhance and to develop the intellect of fourth and fifth grade students who have been formally identified as generally intellectually gifted. Students attend the FUTURA center for one day each week and are immersed in lessons that correlate the themes Structures and Systems to the Virginia Standards of Learning Objectives for the core content areas. FUTURA teachers stress higher level thinking skills that include analysis, synthesis, and evaluation. Differentiation of instruction is key in planning the learning activities to meet the individual needs of the exceptional students. The FUTURA teachers provide opportunities for the students to stimulate curiosity, engage actively in problem solving, discuss current trends and issues in society, work cooperatively, create, debate, and to promote special interests.

    MAIN TOPICS: Structures


    Essential Understandings