• Class Guidelines and Information

    Biology-Academic, Room 608

    Mr. George









    Biology is the area of science that seeks to understand the living world.  Major units to be covered include ecology, biochemistry, cellular organization, genetics, and classification of life.





    The following materials should be brought to class each and every day:

    • 3-ring binder with dividers and paper
    • Covered textbook
    • Pencil
    • Pen (blue or black ink)
    • Agenda
    • Index cards (optional)
    • Colored pencils (optional)





    The grading system is a point system, which is based on points earned for tests, quizzes, homework, labs, and projects. 


    Notebook Requirements


    All notes, homework, and labs should be kept in order in your class binder.  It is recommended that you divide your binder into a “Notes” section, a “Homework” section, and a “Lab” section.




    Homework assignments will be posted on the board every day.  Assignments will also be posted on Clarity.  It is expected that you will record homework assignments in your agenda every day.


    Homework cont…


    Homework assignments generally are not accepted late since we will go over them in class.  For larger projects, work submitted late will be subject to a reduction in grade.



    Make-Up Work


    If you are absent, you should see me on the day of your return, either before school, after school, or during Titan Time to find out what notes, assignments, or labs were missed and to arrange a make-up time if necessary.  It is your responsibility to find out what was missed.



    Lab Conditions


    Since our class is held in a science lab, there is no eating or drinking permitted (including gum and candy).  You may only keep a sealed water bottle at your desk.





    P4 – Prompt, Prepared, Polite, and Potential


    • Arrive to class on time, sit down, and begin the bellringer activity.
    • Bring all materials to class every day- binder, textbook, agenda, pencil, and pen.
    • Respect your classmates, teachers, and yourself.
    • Work to your full potential.



    Extra Help


    I am often available for help.  I can meet with you before school or stay after school almost every day if you just ask me ahead of time.  I can also work with you during Titan Time.





    Students and parents can contact me at Bradley.George@lcps.org.   I generally check my e-mail at least once per day.  To reach me at school by telephone, please call the Main Office at (571) 434-4400.




    What are your goals for this year?