• CRAAP Test

    A tool for evaluating print and digital resources


    ·       Is the information current?                                                    

    ·       Can you find a date when last revised?                            

    ·       Are there active links?                                                         


    ·       Is the information useful to you?                                        

    ·       Who is the intended audience?                     


    ·       Can you find the author and/or publisher? Is there contact information?             

    ·       Is the author/website credible?                                 

    ·       What type of site is it?

    .com – a commercial site                                 

    .org -   a group or an organization                   

    .edu -  an academic institution                         

    .gov -  a government site                                 

    .net -   a network                                                


    ·       Do you know where the information comes from?                                                              

    ·       Can you verify the information in another source?          

    ·       Are there spelling, grammar, or other mistakes?                     



    ·       Do you know the author’s or website’s purpose?             

    ·       Is the information fact or opinion?                                                         

    ·       Is advertising content vs. informational content easily distinguishable?

    ·       What is the sites purpose?  To inform? Teach? Entertain? Persuade?  


    Revised from the Meriam Library, CSU, Chico by Northwest School Library and Educational Technology Department, 2013.

Last Modified on October 1, 2019