• Typical Module assessments

    Career Investigation - Worksheet pertaining to a career related to the module subject.
    Module Vocabulary - Vocabulary worksheet related to the module subject.
    Module Activities -"Hands on" and other activities competed during the module.
    Module Pretest - Given on session one to assess student prior knowledge of the subject. Grade DOES NOT count!
    Test Review - In session six student review for the post test playing the game "Critter Cross" or  "Bloop"  
    Portfolio Review - Instructors review the Module packet. 
    RCA's  -10 points times 12 questions=total value of 120 points - Research, Challenge, and Application questions - Multiple choice questions on four sessions. 
    Assessments- 12 questions @5 point each = total value of  60 points- These are questions in the module packet that are answered while doing the module. 
    Post Test - -10 questions@ 10 points each = total value of 100 points- Given at the end of each module to measure what has been learned.
    MAKE UP WORK follows school policy. Students are given the opportunity to make up work after session seven and a preliminary review of grades. Make up work can be completed during resource, lunch or at the end of class only if finished the days current assignment. RCA's and the Post Test can be retaken at any school computer.