• Virginia Wellness Testing


    Here at Dominion Trail Elementary School, we test 4th & 5th grade students twice a year, once in the fall and once in the spring to measure their level of fitness.  Below you will find the link to the Fitnessgram website where you can look at the passing standards for both boys and girls.
    Additional at home practice is recommended to maximize your child's fitness level.  Please CLICK HERE to access the Fitnessgram instructional manual.  This will guide you through the proper way to set up each test, and administer for your child so that they have an accurate representation of fitness level before testing.  
    See pages 29-33 for Pacer administration instructions.
    See pages 46-49 for Curl-Up administration instructions .
    See pages 49-51 for Trunk Lift administration instructions .
    See pages 51-52 for Push-Up administration instructions.
    See pages 57-60 for Sit and Reach and Shoulder Stretch administration instructions.
    Audio for several of the fitness tests is also available from Fitnessgram for at home practice purposes.  Links below take you to the video/audio on youtube.com