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    Online Resources for "Math Performance Tasks"
    APS-Research, Development & Accountability: Find your tasks by Grade Level or by Math Strand. All tasks are in PDF form. You will need to have Adobe® Acrobat® Reader® 5 to view and print the tasks. View the Help section for instructions. - http://www.rda.aps.edu/mathtaskbank/start.htm

    BALANCED ASSESSMENT: Examples of Math Performance Tasks with Student reponses - Tasks in pdf format, but may not be copied or reproduced. -K-2 [http://balancedassessment.concord.org/packetprim.html], 3-5 [http://balancedassessment.concord.org/packetelem.html]
    The EXEMPLARS K-12 Web Site: (these are the free examples, by grade level OR math strand) - http://www.rda.aps.edu/mathtaskbank/start.htm
    The GRAPEVINE Performance-Based Assessments in Mathematics:  Please read the Introduction to Standards-Based Assessment and Instruction, before you try these tasks with your students.  Tasks are located in the folders, by grade level.  The tasks were carefully selected and are aligned to the NYC Everyday Mathematics units.- https://sites.google.com/site/grapevine306/performance-based-assessment-pilot
    INSIDE MATHEMATICS Explore materials and tasks you can use immediately with your students. Inside Mathematics has aligned our tasks and assessment resources with the Common Core State Standards for Mathematical Content. Note that you can make use of these standards through searching by grade level as well as by progression, so we have provided two routes through these tasks and other resources. - http://insidemathematics.org/index.php/mathematical-content-standards
    MNPSNC: All students should learn and be able to use basic skills, apply understanding and solve problems. All three areas are emphasized equally in the instruction of mathematics. Skills without conceptual understanding are meaningless; conceptual understanding without skills is inefficient. Without problem solving, basic skills and conceptual understanding have no purpose. - NCTM. Activities & Lessons for Classrooms - http://mnpsnc.wikispaces.com/Activities+and+Lessons

    This site is developed by Cathy (Carter) Shide, consultant, to help districts move towards the CCSS (Common Core State Standards). - http://www.movingtocommoncore.com/performance-tasks---mathematics.html 
    NYC Department of Education: Searchable by Keyword, Grade Level or Topic, These resources include task descriptions, teacher-annotated student work representing a range of performance levels, rubrics to assess student work and instructional supports including Universal Design for Learning (UDL) principles.

    PALM (Performance Assessment Links in Math): PALM is currently being developed as an on-line, standards-based, resource bank of mathematics performance assessment tasks indexed via the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM)  -