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Lynn, McDermott

A Day: 2:19-3:48
B Day: 10:40-12:09

Sponsored Activities:

   Sponsor of:  Key Club


  • Bachelors: George Mason University
  • Masters:  George Mason University

Other Information

Professional Biography

I have 11 years of educational experience and have been teaching at Heritage High School since 2004.  I am currently at Broad Run High School for the second year.   I have a B.A. in 18th and 19th century British Literature from George Mason University. I earned my master’s degree in Special Education and is certified in ED and LD.   I teach 10th  and 11 grade English. This year we will be concentrating on  British Literature (10th grade), and  American Literature (11 grade) and various writing applications.



“Strive for education before you are old

For education is better than silver and gold.

Silver and gold may tarnish away

But a good education will never decay.” – King Soloman
My Schedule:
A1 English 10 Room 203
A2 English 11 Room 203
A3 English 10 Room 203
A4 Planning
B5 English 10  Room 203
B6 Planning
B7 Study Hall Resource Teacher in Room 130
B8 English 11 Room 203


Please contact me at 571-252-2300 if you have any questions.
My email address is: