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    Elizabeth McGinley
    Department:World Languages and Culture (Latin)

                       Block 1: Latin III
                       Block 2: Latin IV Honors
                       Block 3: WLC common planning
                       Block 4: Latin I/Latin II
                       Block 5: planning
                       Block 6: Latin V Honors/Latin AP
                       Block 7: planning/travel
                       Block 8: Latin I (Farmwell Station Middle School)

     Phoenix             Schoology

    Sponsored Activities: 
    • Latin Club Sponsor
    • Bachelors (Latin, English and Music): Hiram College, Hiram, Ohio 
    • Masters in the Art of Teaching: Marygrove College, Detroit, Michigan 
    Other Information:
    This is "Magistra" McGinley's eleventh year as a Spartan! She taught for five years in Cleveland, Ohio, and then nine years in Middleburg, Virginia.  This year she will teach Latin I, Latin II, Latin III, Latin IV Honors, Latin V Honors and AP Latin.  In her spare time, Magistra enjoys spending time with her husband,  their energetic seven-year-old boy, and their Golden Retriever. She loves all things chocolate.
           Note:  All class assignments and resources can be found by accessing the class links on the left hand side of this page. 
Last Modified on August 23, 2020