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Welcome to Fourth Grade

Dear Families,

Welcome to Fourth Grade     

We are so excited to meet each and every one of you!  Your children have all just completed a very busy and productive year of third grade and are ready to embark on an exciting fourth grade journey.  As a team, we will continue to meet individual and collective student learning goals.

Fourth grade is definitely one of the most exciting years of elementary school. It is a great year full of personal growth and academics.  We will continue to focus on our state learning standards, which include:

  • Math: Problem-solving, number sense,geometry, rational numbers, decimals, measurement, computation, probability, data representation and patterns
  • Reading: expanding vocabulary, fluency, comprehension, reading stamina and growing our thinking
  • Writing: sentence structure, handwriting, narrative writing, grammar and communication 
  • Science: Space, Plants, Oceans, Habitats
  • Social Studies: Geography, Indigenous People, Jamestown, Revolutionary War, Civil War, 20th Century Virginia

These are only some of the academic areas we will explore and learn about this year as a grade level.

In preparation, we encourage practicing multiplication facts this summer and reading regularly to build fluency and stamina.      

We have many exciting activities planned, and look forward to meeting everyone in August.  

Wishing you  a fun and relaxing summer 

The Fourth Grade Team

Mrs. Eisenhower, Mrs. Jewell, Mrs.  Martin, Mr. Colger and Mrs.Schroeck.

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