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    The mission of the reading program in Loudoun County Public Schools is to teach all students to read and comprehend text to become independent readers, lifelong learners, and confident citizens for the 21st century. 

    Pathways to Reading and Writing

    Loudoun’s Pathways to Reading and Writing, an explicit staff-development model, provides kindergarten through fifth grade teachers and instructional specialists with a consistent, research and strategies-based framework of reading and writing instruction. The program incorporates the skills of spelling, writing, reading comprehension, phonics, and vocabulary.  The Pathways multi-approach literacy framework helps teachers provide their students with specific skills to become better readers and writers.


    How is this literacy program conducted in the classroom?

    The students participate in large group, small group, and independent activities during reading and writing time.  The students work on skills such as:

        Letters and Sounds:  Letters have distinctive features and may be identified by names or sounds.

        Word Study:  The phonetic and structural features of words.

        Comprehension:  The process of constructing meaning while reading.

        Phonics:  Letter and sound relationships and how they are used in reading and writing.

        Independent reading:  Students read texts independently with teacher support as needed.

        Shared reading:  Teacher and students read text together concentrating on targeted skills.

        Guided reading and strategy lessons:  Teacher guides the reading of small,differentiated student groups with appropriate leveled texts.

        Read aloud:  Teacher reads text aloud to students in order to model and focus on skills.

        Writers Workshop:  Students are engaged in the writing process and produce pieces of writing in many genres.

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