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    Twitter is an effective way to communicate what is happening in the library.   We have a twitter feed on our library page.  As soon as soon as I send a tweet through the school account, it posts on my library page.   It is a quick and easy way to keep the information on our webpage current.


    The One to the World initiative can cause anxiety in many of our teachers, but it is a wonderful opportunity to step away from the standardized testing mindset and get back to the art of teaching.  The librarian's roll in this initiative is to assist through the entire process, from brainstorming and design to implementation and final product creation.
    I have been an integral part of the One to the World projects at Ashburn Elementary school.  Here are the OTTW projects I have been involved in this year.
    Kindergarten: We used an activity we have been doing for American Ed. Week the past few years and turned it into a OTTW project. This project was completed close to Thanksgiving so students used Pixie to draw a picture for what they are thankful for.  We used the record feature in Pixie and added an audio recording of each student explaining their picture.  I took all the Pixie images and made it into a movie.  Teachers showed that movie during their American Ed Week activity.  
    First Grade: This team partnered with Mobile Hope and did a drive to collect supplies to donate to Mobile Hope.  They tied it to the winter needs part of their curriculum.
    Second Grade:  This team did two different projects.  Some teachers explored habitats by using live webcams.  I setup a webpage that had links to the various webcams and put a shortcut to the page on the student desktop.  Students just had to click on the link then choose a webcam and they were transported to habitats all over the world. In Art class students created creatures and habitats for display.
    The second project was based on maps.  Students used Pixie to create a booklet that included a map of the school to hand out to students new to AES.  We used the booklet option in Pixie to create the four page booklet.
    Third Grade: This team researched famous Virginians and wrote a proposal to name a school in Loudoun County after one of them.  Groups of four students collaborated using Google slides to create their presentation.  Dr, Sam Adamo, the director of planning for LCPS, came to our school and talked about how schools are named.
    Fourth Grade: This team is doing one yearlong project. Their problem is how to teach 400 years of VA history in one year.  They are going to make a living timeline that will stretch the length of our school and students will research and present on various events through VA history. To prepare for their project I arranged for a trainer from Microsoft to stop by and show the teachers how to use Sway.  Students will collaborate on Sway to make their presentations.   During our OTTW night parents took a quiz about VA history.  Parents will take the same quiz after students present their living timeline.
    Fifth Grade: This team did two projects.  For one of the projects students designed and created probability games out of scrap pieces of cardboard. They did this project the year before OTTW started and I helped them fit it into the OTTW framework.  
    The other project was how to design a structure to resist an earthquake.   Our Futura students did a similar activity this year so instead of them doing it again, I worked with them to film the project and create a documentary about it.
    Students in the MD Program: The students in our MD program worked on eliminating the waste of unclaimed clothing at AES by organizing our lost and found.   They were able to get stands to hang clothing on then sorted the clothing by type and color.

Last Modified on March 9, 2017