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    The goal of the Physical Education Department of Tuscarora High School is to offer experiences that contribute to the physical, mental, social and emotional growth of all students. An important part of the educational process, the Physical Education Program is designed to develop students' self- confidence, self-esteem, positive relationships, physical fitness and personal wellness. To help meet these needs and reach potential development, the department offers a variety of lifetime activities, which allows individuals to work with their peers in controlled situations. 
    The large variety of course offerings provides physical development, knowledge of the games, and group interaction, which helps develop emotional control. Physical education encourages healthy living, sportsmanship, respect for peers and authority, an appreciation for physical fitness and the pursuit of vigorous lifetime activities. The department places emphasis on the development of individual abilities to achieve total wellness.
    This page is intended to be a student and parent resource for Health and Physical Education.
     Health & PE Staff
    Dave Gryder- HPE Department Head
    Kevin Barr-  Hpe 10, Driver Ed.
                    Dave Gryder- Hpe 10, Driver Ed., Advanced PE -Team Sports
    Elizabeth Little - Health & PE 9    
    Jared Toler- 9th Grade, Weight Training 
     Brandon Wakefield- Hpe 10, Driver Ed, NASM, Weight Training

    High School Requirements:

    Two instructional units of Health & Physical Education are required for graduation in Virginia (HPE 9 and HPE 10 in LCPS). The high school model for Physical Education aligns with the Virginia SOLs, and allows students to self-select among a variety of lifetime activities. Adapted PE services are provided to qualifying students and Advanced PE is an elective course available to students in grades 11 and 12. Health ht through instructional units both in a classroom setting and in the gym through movement, when appropriate. Instructional units in Health include CPR and First Aid certification in the 9th grade, classroom Driver Education in 10th grade, and a variety of other relevant health topics noted in the syllabi. 
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