• Battle of the Books


    So what is the Battle of the Books?  It's a competetive mind sport based on books that cover a wide variety of genres that are selected by Reading Specialists at each of the LCPS high schools. The different genres include fiction, nonfiction, humor, mysteries, science fiction and fantasy.  Students on the Battle of the Books teams from each participating school read as many of the books as possible (10 titles this year).  Club meetings are very held throughout the year so that battlers can discuss the books and retain as much information about them as possible so that when the battle rolls around everyone is prepared.  The winning team receives the highly coveted Golden Book Trophy, which is currently held by Briar Woods High

                                               Book List for 2019-20


    Click here to see the list of Battle Books for this year Battle Books 19-20

Last Modified on January 27, 2020