The Seneca Ridge art program attempts to meet the needs of students through a specifically designed developmental program in accordance with the Virginia Standards of Learning.  The art program at Seneca Ridge actively involves all participants from Art 6 and Art 7 students, to the more seriously directed eighth grader who has chosen art as an elective.  Experience in a variety of media including drawing, painting, ceramics, sculpture, and printmaking assist each student in developing skills for creative problem solving.


    Each grade level produces a series of projects which enables the student to build on acquired knowledge.  The Art 7 curriculum emphasizes self awareness, and develops fundamental skills in perception, aesthetics, technology graphics development, and making connections between the visual arts and other disciplines. Attention is directed to a variety of media and includes basic sketching techniques, shading and design exercises, and ceramic hand building.  The art 7 program meets 40 minutes every other day for thirty six weeks.  Art7 students are expected to keep a preliminary project folder with daily warm up reflections and developing ideas.


    The Art 8 program is designed for the serious student and requires great effort and focus.  Meeting for a period of thirty six weeks, this elective provides an in depth exploration of basic skills, while continuing to assimilate the elements and principles of design.  The program provides positive experiences in drawing and exposure to media such as graphite pencil, colored pencil, ink, watercolor and printmaking.  Lessons in composition, color theory, the elements and principles of design, and creating a personal message or response, help to direct creativity.  Three dimensional experiences may include ceramic hand building and bas relief sculpture.  Art history is referred to throughout the curriculum and students are encouraged to compare personal works with those of past and present day artists.  Art 8 students will be asked to keep a visual journal.  The journal is considered a visual diary which records lesson concepts as well as personal aspects in life.


    Through individual experiences in art, each student is given an opportunity for success, self discipline and individual dignity, while developing a creative solution to visually solve two and three dimensional design.  The curriculum is a comprehensive program of art history, production, art criticism and problem solving.  Although art is not an academic subject, studies have shown that exposure to the Arts has proven useful in perception skills, test scores, problem solving and creative thinking.  Your child’s response to art class is an indication of how they approach cross curricular knowledge and their application to good work habits and self determination.  Throughout the year, students will be encouraged to become intensely observant through the utilization of critical thinking.  As your child’s teacher, I consistently model mental scheming in hopes that my students will learn to envision and observe, reflect and explore in order to create artwork that conveys an idea, a feeling or personal meaning.


    The report card grade will reflect the student’s achievement of content mastery and grading through formative and summative assessments, and will be based on the Virginia Standards of Learning and how well the student has mastered the curriculum’s concepts.  Students will know exactly what they need to learn, they will know exactly what the expectation is, and they will work with the instructor to evaluate their work.  Evaluating individual objectives of the lesson learned throughout the learning process, allows for an ongoing evaluation and adjusting the pace of the lesson.  Each graded objective holds a weight of  50 –100 points.  At the conclusion of the nine weeks, all graded objectives are averaged as the final grade.  Grades will be based only on the student’s achievement.  Participation and student work habits will be recorded but will not reflect in the numerical grade or the report card.  A separate comment will be provided to parents if there is a need for improvement.


    If you have any questions or concerns about grading or child’s progress, please feel to contact me through email at Laura.Null@lcps.org or by telephone at SRMS, at 571-434-4420.  My planning periods are 4th Block on A days  and 6th block on B days .  I look forward to working together throughout the school year to help your child to learn and live productively.  Given the attention, your child will reveal his own special qualities.


    Laura Null

                ART 7   ART 8