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Mrs. Martinez has been teaching mathematics for twenty-eight years. 
Twelve of those years were in  Texas and the last sixteen have been here at Seneca Ridge.
She has a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics with a minor in English from Southern Methodist University in Dallas. 
Mrs. Martinez is married and has a son who is a sophomore chemical engineering major at Virginia Tech.
After school help is available every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.
Monday teachers:  Mr. Ludtke   (Algebra), Miss Bird (Algebra and Geometry)
Tuesday teacher:  Mrs. Whitesides  (Math 8 and Daily Algebra)  Note:  She will not be available on Tuesdays after 4/18
Wednesday teacher:  Mrs. Martinez  (Algebra and Geometry)
Students may stay after any day, it does not have to be the day their specific teacher is assigned.
 Students must bring a note of permission from a parent or have a parent email the teacher in order to stay.
After school help will not be offered during the first two weeks of  the school year and the teacher staying may change on occasion due to other commitments. 
Note!  Class notes and documents are located on the Algebra Information and Geometry Information pages listed to the left side of this page.
Assignments can be found either at the end of each set of uploaded notes (the flipchart for that day) or by viewing the Assignment Calendar page.