• "Great question!"  

     Learning rocks!!!     Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year.    


    A week ago, in the last few weeks of school in June of 2018, after some students had heard that I would be the school's Spectrum teacher for 2018-'19, one of them asked, "Mr. Peck, why are you stopping teaching science?"  My response was "I won't stop teaching science.  I've just picked up a lot of other fascinating areas to explore with students."  

    And that's my view, which goes to the mission statement of Seneca, part of which reads "who value learning as a life-long process."  One of the best ways I can have an impact on youngsters I encounter in the classroom, and in the halls of Seneca, is to model behaviors that demonstrate a passion for learning, and not just for its own sake, but also because it often provides an opportunity to DO something with that learning.  It's a voyage of discovery, and one where the journey is both about doing something at the destination as well as learning about it.  I look forward to the journey.


    Contact: Jerome.Peck@lcps.org



Last Modified on June 12, 2018