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Mr. Goldberg
In case you were wondering I am the one on the left.
 I am the one on the left!!!!
   Welcome back from what I hope was nice and relaxing summer vacation.  I will be starting my 18th year total of teaching and this will be my 13th here at Seneca Ridge.  I am excited to be working with all of you to insure we have a great time together as we make history learning about history.  
   For this year the 6th grade will be using a website to list all assignments and tests, the website is called   By using myhomework you can get access to all of your child's teachers all on one calendar page, so no more having to go to 6 different websites to find assignments.    You can go to the website that is linked here to set up an account:
Once you have signed up, follow these directions to get to my page:
1.  Search for Seneca Ridge Middle School and look for my name.
2. Click on the proper class to join (either the A Day for blocks 1,2,or 4  or B Day for blocks 5,7,and 8) and that should be it.
You can also download the app for both Android and Apple devices so that you can access to your myhomework page at anytime no matter where you are.  I encourage that both parents and child have the app downloaded.
School phone number: (571) 434-4420
Email: please allow for 24-36 hours for a response
Twitter:  @hgoldberg04
Planning period:
A Days 12:30 to 1:30
B Days 10:30 to 11:30