Mr. Goldberg
    US HISTORY TO 1865 
    In case you were wondering I am the one on the left.
     I am the one on the left!!!!

    Welcome to Mr. Goldberg's US History to 1865 class. I am starting my 19th total year of teaching and 14th here at Seneca Ridge.  I enjoy reading and rooting for my favorite sports teams, the Yankees and the Giants.  I am also a huge Disney and Muppet fan.


    If you have any questions the best way to reach me is through email or you can follow me on Twitter or Instagram.  I will post articles that might interest you and help understand the proud history that we are going to be studying about.   I will also post pictures of things going on in class and also around our community.  You do realize that you live in a county that has a history that goes back to the American Revolution.  You can also comment on what you either read on your own or about something from class.   I do have it set up so I will have to accept you first to insure a safe environment and that the only people who will join us are myself, fellow teachers, and fellow classmates.


    Over the school year check back to this page for some helpful information including the calendar where I will be posting information about assignments.


    I really do look forward to an exciting year with all of you and please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.


    Mr. Howard Goldberg



    Phone: 571-434-4420

    Email: howard.goldberg@lcps.org

    Twitter: @hgoldberg04

    Instagram: hgoldberg04

    Planning time: Block 2 and Block 6