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Mrs. Koval
8th Grade English
Who is Mrs. Koval?
Mrs.Koval was born and raised in Maryland. She came to Virginia after high school where she attended James Madison University. She graduated with her bachelors in English and her masters in Secondary Education. She began teaching professionally in Loudoun County in 2005. She is a charter staff member at Lunsford. Her passion for teaching has driven her to explore new challenges. Mrs. Koval challenges herself by attempting to keep up with the times and establishing an inter-active classroom. She is so excited to work with the Lunsford community and continue to build relationship with some of Loudoun's most talented professionals!

When Mrs. Koval is not in front of her classroom teaching, you can spot her running or rollerblading on almost any footpath around town. She has recently to embroidery. Previously, Mrs. Koval coached women's lacrosse in the county. She loves to read and is always intrigued to hear about what her students are reading.

She is so excited about the new school year and looks forward to helping the students of South Riding continue to flourish!
What can you expect from her?

What she expects of her students? 
Be Respectful
Be Punctual
Be Responsible
Be Prepared
Be Accountable
Accept Responsibility


J. Michael Lunsford
Middle School
When walking through the doors of room 805,  all students are expected to bring:
  • Agenda
  • Reading & Writing Notebook
  • Writing Utensil
  • Independent Novel (SSR)
Students will be entering a friendly environment where everyone is a learner. Welcome all Lions!