Sponsor: Mrs. Sharon Saile
    Meeting Times:  TBA
    Academic Challenge is a VHSL-sanctioned competition. Students must meet eligibility requirements identical to any other sport or academically-oriented competition. The team consists of 12-16 members that compete against other teams from high schools in the Dulles District.
    At a competition, four members compete against four members from an opposing school. The format consists of two toss-up rounds and one directed round with questions based on a broad spectrum of topics.  The students must buzz in ahead of their competitors to answer the question. Topics for the questions range the full extent of academic courses (i.e. Art, English, Foreign Languages, Geography, History, Mathematics, Music and Science), current news topics, and miscellaneous trivia (anything from Star Wars to Super Bowl winners to Britney Spears). 
    If you like to impress your friends with your wealth of knowledge, then Academic Challenge is for you. The team practices one afternoon a week after school. The Dulles District competitions occur from December through January. In addition, the team has competed on “It's Academic" (NBC4).




Last Modified on September 13, 2022