Overview- Eligibility and Requirements

  • Potomac Falls High School
    Science National Honor Society
    **First Meeting 10/17 @ 8:40am in Room 218**
    **All future meetings will be held the 2nd Friday of each month**
    **$30 Dues by 10/25**
    Check (made out to PFHS) or cash
    to Mr. Daniel or Mr. Shangraw
    2019-2020 Officers:
                                     President:  Cong Min Trinh       
                                     Vice President/Communication:  TBD
                                     Secretary:  Fariha Ali                    
     Statement of Purpose

    The society acknowledges the accomplishments of exceptional science students at Potomac Falls High School. The society will:

    ·         promote collaboration between students

    ·         provide support for our school science symposium

    ·         promote increased understanding of careers in science

    ·         encourage excellence within the science curriculum

    ·         encourage students to pursue science beyond high school
    Membership Criteria
    • Be in the eleventh or twelfth grade,
    • Maintain a unweighted 3.5 (B+) average in science courses & a 3.0 overall, unweighted,
    • Take two research, upper level, AP, or DE science course before graduation from high school (see below for list of courses)  
    • Complete at least one AP or DE science course by graduation.
    •  NEW IN 2019-2020 aspiring members must not have been removed from SNHS membership previously for any reason

    Research/Upper level courses : Research Earth Science, Research Biology, Research Chemistry, Physics, Independent Science Research, AOS classes 

    AP courses : AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP Physics, AP Environmental Science 

    DE courses:   DE Physics, DE Biology 

    Students transferring to Loudoun County from other school systems will need to see Mr. Shangraw and Mr. Daniel to determine their eligibility.

    Membership Requirements after Acceptance

    • Monthly meeting attendance (can only miss 2/year), second Friday of each month, promptly at 8:40 a.m., room 218.   The only excused absences are for field trips that leave before the school day begins and therefore eliminates the possibility of you attending the meeting.  You have 2  absences- use them wisely.  Save them for when you are out sick, etc.  Once you have missed the 3rd meeting, your name is immediately removed from our roster and you will recieve an e-mail stating that you have not met the requirements for membership.  Occassionaly meeting time or day may be changed due to AP testing, etc.  You will recieve notification.
    • Dues ($30) (goes toward national dues,  scholarships, etc...)
    • Graduation cords maybe bought (approx. $20) or rented ($5) for graduating seniors in good standing.
    • Earn 9 service points per semester, track and submit service record in January & May.   AT LEAST 2 POINTS MUST BE EARNED TUTORING on Tuesday or Thursday morning in room 213!     
    Service points earned through:
    • Tutoring before/after school or during CORE under the supervision of a teacher.  (1 points = 45 min)                          
    • NOTE:  doing homework with a friend and helping them with some of it does NOT qualify as tutoring!  Again,a bit of clarification; tutoring must be done at school under the supervision of a teacher. 
    •  Homework Club meets T-Th 4:10-5:10 pm after school in the library.  Be sure to check in with a Homework Club teacher. There is a sign in sheet specifically for those tutoring. There is a limit to the number of tutors that are needed each day.  The Homework Club Teacher will assist you in finding a student to assist.  Have them sign your log.    (1 points ) 
    • Participate in the fund raiser (organize = 3 pts., help out = 1-2 pts)

    • Attendance at speaker event (3 pts.) 

    • Maintenance of science safety equipment- flushing eye washes in science rooms weekly.    (1/2 pt per week)

    • Assist a science teacher with lab clean-up, inventory, etc.  Arrange this with teacher.     (1 pt = 45 min.) 

    • Present (slide presentation) during a monthly meeting: Do you have a science related job?  Do you volunteer at the hospital?  Are you involved in an activity that would be of interest to SNHS members?  (15 min = 2 pt. or 30 min = 4pt.)

    • Feature Friday Submission recognizing a day of historical science significance.     ex. DNA Day,  Earth Day, Darwin's bday, Mendel's bday, etc...  (1-3 pts)

    • Other possibilites as approved by Mr. Shangraw or Mr. Daniel.




    If you have met the membership criteria and are willing to participate in activities and earn the service points:

    1.  Read through the directions on completing the application.  Download your Transcript from StudentVue.


    2.  Complete the spreadsheet and e-mail an electronic copy, and,  print out a copy, of your application and give to Mr. Daniel or Mr. Shangraw.                  .


    3.   Submit a screen shot of your grades from StudentVue, attach it to your print out and turn in to Mr. Daniel or Mr. Shangraw by Oct. 2nd      

                 DO NOT in put in his mailbox, turn in to him directly (room 213 or 218).


    4.   You will be contacted via e-mail of your acceptance and the date and time of the first meeting. 


     You can find the Excel spreadsheet on the Application link to the left. These links will give you access to two documents. You should read over both carefully.

Last Modified on October 16, 2019