• The Potomac Falls World Languages Department 

    Potomac Fall High School has five Foreign Language Honor Societies. To be inducted into one of them, there are requirements that must be met. Each honor society has different requirements, but the commonalities are the student must be in level three of the foreign language and be continuing his/her studies of that particular language. The student must also remain current with their membership dues.

     The five honor societies are:

    Société Honoraire de Français                                                                     
    (National French Honor Society)
    Mme. Bertholet , Adviser 
    Deutsche Ehrenverbindung
    (National German Honor Society)
    Dr. Lothe, Adviser
    Scholae Latina Societas Honoris
    (National Latin Honor Society)
    Mr. Walsh, Adviser
    Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica
    (National Spanish Honor Society)
    Señora Nathan, Adviser
    American Sign Language Honor Society
    Mr. Chapman Hom, Adviser
    Potomac Falls High School celebrates this achievement with an honor society induction ceremony night in the spring. Each honor society operates separately and participates in their own community service projects, cultural activities and tutoring programs within the school.

    If you have questions regarding our Foreign Language Honor Societies, please contact Señora Nathan or Mme. Bertholet, call the World Languages and Culture Department at 571-434-3200 or visit the sponsor's individual webpage for further information.

Last Modified on October 6, 2021