• PFHS Communication Mission Statement: Potomac Falls High School encourages open communication between students, teachers and parents as an integral component of student, school and community success.

    Panther Communication Guidelines –
    An important factor in over all student success and achievement is COMMUNICATION. The following are helpful suggestions and expectations to get you started on the path to success!

    What to expect from your TEACHER –
    Classroom policies and procedures posted on the teacher’s web page: classroom and homework expectations; Course syllabus; Outlined grading policy; Procedure for any make-up work and for obtaining any class work due to an absence; Available times to meet with students; best time to contact teacher.

    Feedback on student work returned to student in a timely manner to include homework, tests and other assignments
    Provide students and parents with course feedback such as detailed interims, grades, and any other concerns
    Encourage student use of agenda and/or other method to record assignments
    Discuss student performance with students and/or parents
    Inform parents of student performance when earning below a “C” average or below or if student average drops two letter grades
    Make every attempt to respond to e-mails and phone calls within 24 hours

    STUDENTS are expected to- 
       -Attend all classes on a regular basis 
       -Understand follow rules and expectations for all facets of any course 
       -Make use of agenda or other method to write down assignments, due dates and course information 
       -Understand assignment deadlines and complete work by due dates 
       -When absent, find out make-up work and complete within expected time-frame 
       -Communicate any pre-arranged absence, such as a field trip, with teacher at least one week prior to absence and follow up on
        missed assignments  
       -Check teacher web pages for important class and school information 
       -Schedule an appointment with your teacher when there are concerns

    Of PARENTS, the school should expect –
       -Use of school web pages and newsletter to stay current on relevant information 
       -Assist students in keeping track of assignments and due dates by communicating with student 
       -Encourage students to speak with their teachers 
       -Contact the teacher first when there is a concern about the specific course or classroom 
       -Provide teachers with accurate contact information and update as necessary

    Suggestions on ways to discuss issues such as grades, student performance, student behavior or if a student is upset with a teacher.

       -Student asks the teacher for a time to meet. Both student and teacher calmly address the concern. Student may ask for the parent, counselor, or administrator to be present in the meeting. Teacher may ask for the parent, counselor or an administrator to be present in the meeting.

       -Student is uncomfortable asking the teacher for a meeting. The student may ask a school counselor or parent to initiate contact with the teacher. The parent or counselor should ask the teacher to initiate the conversation with the student. The student may ask the parent, school counselor or administrator to attend the meeting. Teacher may ask for the parent, counselor or an administrator to be present in the meeting. 

       -Parent Request for Meeting. Parent may contact the teacher directly for a meeting. If a parent would like more than one teacher present, they may contact the school counselor for assistance in scheduling the meeting. Teachers should make every effort to attend the meeting. When a teacher is unavailable to attend, the teacher will contact the parent directly.

    Contact Information:
    Potomac Falls High School
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    Potomac Falls, VA 20165

    Main Office: 571-434-3200
    Main Fax: 571-434-3201
    School Counseling Office: 571-434-3204
Last Modified on March 1, 2017