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    What is Guitar Gurus?

    Guitar Gurus is a group dedicated to bringing together passionate musicians, developing new skills, practicing as a team, and learning songs. More than half the club members are very well experienced and the others are newer players that are excited to learn. By creating a fun and safe environment, the club attracts both students that are experienced guitarists, and beginners who are eager to learn. I have been playing guitar for six years and have developed a deep love for music. Ultimately, my goal for the group is to bring together guitarists at Independence and share my love of music with new guitarists. The club will bring in students who can play by offering volunteer hours and also attract beginners with learning the guitar at no cost. 


    We will hold meetings on Wednesday or Thursday mornings every two weeks. 


    The meetings are held in 1808 chorus room 

    **If you wish to join please fill out the form: https://forms.gle/xrPTb7Wj679nHC268

    **Join our Instagram for updates: @Indyguitargurus

    If you have any questions please email Wagener at vanessa.wagener@lcps.org