• Who can sign up for Behind the Wheel? 

    Students who hold a valid Virginia Learner's Permit, have a passing grade in the Driver's Education Course given in their 10th grade PE Class, and attended a 90-minute mandatory "Partners for Safe Teen Driving" presentation with their parent/guardian are eligible to sign up for Behind the Wheel. 

    **Please note that this instruction is conducted when available, and not as part of the curriculum. Students may contact private companies for instruction, if preferred.**

    How to sign up with an IHS based instructor, when this service is offered: Upon eligibility based on the information above, Behind the Wheel packets can be picked up at the Main Office. Return the completed packet to the office. Use the payment portal to pay the $225 fee only after an instructor has scheduled your sessions. For 10th graders, early sign up is allowed after 18 class periods. The student must have a passing grade which is verified by their teacher.

    Getting your DEC-1 Card (the pink card): 
    Stop by the main office to pick up your certificate.
    NOTE: Students who have taken Driver's Education at another high school will need to get their Certificate of Completion from their previous school. Students must have attended the "Partners for Safe Teen Driving" presentation to get their certificate. This is required by the Code of Virginia.



Degrees and Certifications: