• To ensure safety during Physical Education students must be dressed appropriately for moderate to vigorous activity and be prepared to use all equipment. All students are encouraged to dress out and may change clothes via the locker room or other designated areas.

    PE Uniforms

    • Athletic shorts, leggings, or sweat pants
    • Shorts must come to at least halfway between hip and knee
    • Closed-toe athletic sneakers (no crocs, boots, slides, slippers, etc.)
    • GRAY athletic t-shirt, short sleeve (no sleeveless)​
    • Crew neck (no v-neck). Must be full length (when arms raised straight up, midriff is not showing)​

    You can purchase a gray t-shirt and/or blue shorts from the school, or you can provide your own. ​If you purchase online through the school, you can do so through SchoolCash Online. No cash/checks will be accepted by the school. ​

    • $8.25 for both shirt and shorts

    • $3.00 for shirt

    • $5.25 for shorts

    Note that your name will be written on the gray shirt (even if you choose to provide your own).

    If students do not have the appropriate clothing/shoes on PE days, a loaner will be provided free of charge.