• Office of Admissions Mission Statement and Goals

    Mission Statement for Admissions

    The Office of Admissions at the Academies of Loudoun seeks to recruit and select students with an interest in STEM from diverse backgrounds, including race/ethnicity, gender, disability, English Learner and socioeconomic status, and students from all geographic areas of Loudoun County who demonstrate a desire to be challenged by advanced academic coursework and collaborative research.

     Office of Admissions Goals

    1. Commitment to Equity - to uphold the LCPS Commitment to Equity in all aspects of admissions.
    2. Access - to ensure equitable access to the admissions process for all students, including students of all races and ethnicities, students by gender, English Learner students, students by socioeconomic status, students with disabilities and students from all geographic areas of Loudoun County.
    3. Outreach - continue to review and revise the outreach and recruitment plan to ensure that the plan includes strategies that provide for equitable access for all students in LCPS in order to diversify the applicant pool.
    4. Communication - to ensure frequent communication with all LCPS schools and stakeholders. All presentations and materials related to the application process, outreach/recruitment materials, and admissions presentations will be translated into the major languages spoken by students and parents in Loudoun County. 


    LCPS Commitment to Equity

    LCPS centers equity as one of its foundational core values. For our community, equity means being committed to providing a safe, supportive, inclusive, affirming, and respectful environment for each student and staff member that fosters success, growth, and academic rigor. The cultivation of this environment requires us to reject and condemn the use of hate speech, racial slurs, antisemitism, and any action or behavior that discriminates based on race, ethnicity, national origin, gender, orientation, gender expression, socio-economic status, religion, ability, or other cultural identities or expression. Such noninclusive speech, behavior, and actions do not reflect who we are as a learning community.

    We embrace and value the unique identities, backgrounds, experiences, perspectives, and needs of each student and employee. Celebrating our diversity is important and helps define us as a school division.  

    Demonstrating the courage to address inequities and remove barriers represents an integral part of our collective effort towards excellence in education. Equity is the vehicle that leads to greater access, opportunity, and equality so that each student is empowered to make meaningful contributions to the world.

    Revised 7/5/22