Credit Recovery is an option for a student to earn credit for a course needed for high school graduation. Students cannot earn Honors, DE or AP credit, but they can earn academic credit for courses in the same content area and academic level will be reflected on their transcript. Students will not receive a grade bump.

    The number of courses a student can recover depends on how much work needs to be completed and how much time a student is willing to put into the class. Generally, we recommend no more than 2 courses. The student is working to move from an F to a passing D- (60). New work is not introduced. Consideration is given to whether the student should repeat the course for foundation and mastery without delaying graduation.

    Students need to bring Chromebooks with them to use during instruction. The instruction is provided online via Edmentum or Khan Academy for the most part, and students are expected to be able to work independently, with limited content support.



    Summer 2023 dates TBD


    TIME (TBD)

    Summer 2023 times TBD



    Summer Credit Recovery is offered in two sessions. Students are expected to participate in Session 1 to be eligible for Session 2. It is the expectation that students attend regularly to complete coursework.



    Students are offered courses required for graduation. Below are courses that have been offered in the past.

    Math: Algebra I; Geometry; AFDA; Algebra II

    English: English 9, 10, 11, and 12

    Social Studies: World I and II; US History, Government

    Science: Earth Science; Biology; Environmental Science; Conceptual Physics

    CTE: Personal Finance; Economics



    There is no cost to attend.



    Lunch is provided at no cost.



    Transportation is provided from select stops. When you register your student, select one near where your student will be. If your student cannot get to a stop, contact the credit recovery principal to discuss options. Your student can also drive, or you can provide transportation. Look for more information soon.



    If your student completes work and demonstrates mastery, their F will change to a D- (60) on their transcript. When a student completes this level of mastery, they are finished with the course. They MUST complete all the assigned work.



    If your student did not pass a course, they are pre-registered for credit recovery. Please log in to Parent Vue and confirm registration. If you are having difficulty with this, contact your student’s school counselor or the Credit Recovery Principal, and we will help you with that.



    If there is anything that you think we need to know about your student(s) to help them have a meaningful experience with credit recovery, contact the Credit Recovery Principal.



    Contact for 2023 Summer Credit Recovery is TBD, but typically assigned in the spring prior to credit recovery.

Last Modified on August 16, 2022