• Writer’s Club 2020-2021

    Creative Writing Club
    Sponsors: Mrs. Burns and Mrs. Fisher


    ERMS Club Sponsor:  Mrs. Burns      Contact Information: Burns.Jennifer@lcps.org

                                   Mrs. Fisher                                     Tammy.Fisher@lcps.org



    Club sponsor: Lilly Shaffrey             Email address: 897406@lcps.org 

    Katrina Anderson (President): 1057603@lcps.org          Layla Zaghloul (Vice President): 1046283@lcps.org  


    The meeting time is Every Tuesday from 3:00pm


    Membership form link:  https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfn8BAGptqEW4w7TCSzgSgw6sq5VYoaXzBYGHdvu5IY6W0QfA/viewform


    The Writer's Club is for all kids who like to write. Whether you like to write fantasy, realistic fiction, science fiction, or even non-fiction! It will be a fun place to share your writing, get feedback, and make it even better.