• All seniors are invited to apply for the Senior Capstone, which will take place May 23-June 3, 2022. The purpose of the Senior Capstone is to provide graduates of Stone Bridge with meaningful experiences, self-fulfillment, and opportunities for post-secondary success through civic engagement and career exploration.

    For more information, click on one of the links below or join the Schoology Group for the Class of 2022 with the join code PQKW-RCNN-XNCXF: and look for Senior Capstone.  There and here below you will find links for the Capstone Project Handbook, along with other resources and forms. Each student who wishes to apply for the Senior Capstone must complete a Google Request form electronically and get the required signatures on the permission click form and submit them electronically by April 22, 2022. Please email Mary.Masi@lcps.org or Lisa.Tartaglia@lcps.org if you have questions about the Capstone.

    Capstone Celebration Gala June 3, 2022 6:30 - 7:30pm

    Here is the information for what you will prepare for the Capstone Celebration Gala at the end of your experience. One trifold or digital display per capstone experience is required, so if you work as a group for your capstone, each group member must contribute to creating the one trifold or digital presentation that the group will use to display their project. If you choose a digital option, you will need to bring your own laptop and if you choose the trifold display option, you must obtain your own trifold material.

    The trifold/digital presentation should include a variety of photographs and other visuals that depict your experiences during the capstone.  Please be sure to request permission from anyone who is featured in your photographs from your capstone location. Provide a descriptive caption for each photo or visual. You will need a title for your project; the title should reflect the work you did and where you did it. You should also include a written summary of the duties and tasks you completed, the things you learned, how this capstone will help you in your future plans, and an explanation of the type of company or organization that sponsored you.

    Other items you may include are charts and graphs showing relevant data about the specific job you shadowed or the charity you volunteered for. Include written or visual material that will help audience members to understand the who, what, why, where, when, and how of your capstone experience and the organization that sponsored you. Consider using a persuasive tone to persuade future seniors to want to experience your particular capstone.

    Any brochures or printed material that you receive from your organization may be included in your presentation if they pertain to your capstone or help explain what your organization does. If you conduct research for information that you place on your trifold or in your digital presentation, be sure to include your sources! Make your trifold or digital presentation look professional and inviting to the audience. This is an opportunity to be creative and offer a showcase of your capstone experience.

    The Capstone Celebration Gala will be in the Stone Bridge cafeteria and will resemble a science fair.  You will stand by your trifold or laptop with the digital presentation on it and will answer questions and discuss your Capstone with the community members, parents, students, teachers, and sponsors who are walking around viewing all of the projects during the Gala.  Please arrive at Stone Bridge at 6:00pm to check-in and set up for the Gala, which will be from 6:30-7:30pm.  


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