• Technology Support Information: Chromebook and Laptop Assistance


    Tech Office Information: 

    Please stop by the Tech Office during the following times:

    8:30 AM - 11:30 AM- open for students

    2:00 PM - 3:00 PM - open for students

    Seneca Specific FAQ

    Can I place stickers on my Chromebook?

    • Students may apply school-appropriate stickers to Chromebooks as long as the inventory label, student name label, and serial number remain fully visible. It might be better to buy a cheap case for the Chromebook to put stickers on.
    • If the stickers cause damage to the Chromebook, then it might be a cost for the family.
    • Stickers should not be placed on the mouse/trackpad, the screen, or the keyboard.
    • Please note that some repairs may result in the loss of stickers. 

    What are some ways to keep my Chromebook safe from breakage?

    • Be aware of where your device is at all times - if it's in your backpack, handle the backpack with care.
    • Ensure that the Chromebook is used on flat, level surfaces. Do not balance it on other objects.
    • ALWAYS keep your Chromebook off the floor.
    • ALWAYS keep your Chromebook closed when carrying it- DO NOT carry your Chromebook while it is open. 

    Can I use a mouse instead of the Touchpad?

    • Your Chromebook will work with both a cordless or corded mouse. You may purchase these on your own.  

    May I buy a case for my Chromebook? 

    • Students are welcome to purchase protective covers for their Chromebooks. We do not have a recommended case or cover, and suggest that families choose one that suits the needs of their students. 
    • If you're looking to buy a case and are unsure what size/type of Chromebook your student has, please e-mail Jason.Withers@lcps.org. He can identify your student's Chromebook type and will link you to cases that will fit.

    What happens if I leave Seneca?

    • You will need to turn in your Chromebook AND charging cord, just as you would return any textbooks you have been issued.  Lost cords will need to be replaced at a cost of $20.00. 
Last Modified on August 19, 2023