The Social Science Classes at Blue Ridge Middle School

  • 6th Grade US History to 1865

    7th Grade US History 1865 to Present

    8th Grade Civics and Economics


    Please visit each teacher's staff page:

    Patti Benalayat (8th grade)
    Shauna Cassidy
    (7th grade)
    Linda Connolly (6th grade)
    Danylle Kavanagh (7th grade)
    Laura Lee (7th grade)
    Leyton Martin
    (6th grade)
    Thomas Martz (8th grade)
    Cynthia Smith (6th grade) 

    For additional Resources, click on the following link to navigate to LCPS Social Science and Global Studies Teaching and Learning department

    To see daily agendas, access classroom resources, and view teachers' class assignment calendar, please access Schoology at www.learn.lcps.org . To stay updated on your child's progress, please visit ParentVue.