• 1. All absence, tardy and early dismissals can be reported via ParentVUE or email the attendance office at  Bwh-attdfax@lcps.org

    2. No phone calls will be accepted.

    3. Excused reasons for tardy are doctor/dentist appointments, with notes from the doctor, court appearances with documentation for the court, or student illness.

    4. Some examples of unexcused tardy's are overslept, missed bus, traffic, running errands, driving siblings, staying home to do homework to name a few. 

    5. Early dismissal requests must be received by 12 pm and take at least one hour to process. Any requests received after 12 pm, or with shorter than one hour's notice, require a parent to come in and sign their student out.  Please plan accordingly.

    6. Any student that comes in late, or leaves early, MUST come to attendance to sign in or out. 

    7. If you need your student immediately, please come into the school to sign them out.

    8. Please plan accordingly and give yourself enough time. We can not call your student up to the office until you arrive. Once you sign      them out, a pass will be sent to them via E-Hallpass. We will not call into the classroom or send someone for your student, so as to not interrupt instructional time. 

    9. Any student that gets ill at school, must go to the clinic to be dismissed.