• The Art Department provides students with a sequential, concept-based visual art instruction program consisting of: art production, art history, aesthetics and art criticism with an emphasis on the studio process. The art program allows for students to have multidisciplinary/multicultural experiences to make real life connections.

    The first goal of the LCPS Visual Arts program is for our students to master the process involved in discovering, exploring, analyzing, discussing, reflecting, recording, and synthesizing the personal, historic, and cultural importance of the visual arts. At each grade level the focus is on the studio process. Art students will learn to develop personal initiative, self-discipline, critical thinking skills, and creative problem solving skills.
    The second goal is for the students to demonstrate an understanding of the collective body of knowledge associated with the visual arts including: principles and elements of design, color theory, technical skills, critical/creative skills, historic and cultural comparisons, and the vocabulary pertaining to each area.
    The third goal is to ensure our students understand and can discuss in written and oral forms the powerful communicative and transformative qualities of the visual arts.
    These investigations will enable students to expand their understanding of art history and cultures, place their work in stylistic and historic context, and broaden their personal visual communicative vocabulary.
    Art facilities are equipped with specialized equipment and materials to provide our students with the best visual arts experience. Students are provided with opportunities to exhibit art at their school and the following locations: George Washington University, INOVA Loudoun Hospital, Dulles Town Center, The Art Institute of Washington and the LCPS Administration building.
Last Modified on August 17, 2017