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Introducing Stopfinder! The parent app for school bus route and stop information.

  • Stopfinder is the easy to use parent engagement app. Know where your child’s bus is and have the most accurate information about your child’s bus schedule in the palm of your hand. Set-up GeoAlert zones to know when your child's bus is arriving at the stop and the school. 

  • With Stopfinder, you will:

    • Know the schedule of your child’s bus
    • Receive push notifications related to your child’s bus schedule and any changes
    • Get real-time information on the location of your child’s bus by creating your own alert zones with the upgrade to GeoAlerts
    • Notice bus substitutions because they are clearly indicated – reducing misinformation and confusion
    • Track multiple buses, a great feature if your children don’t ride the same bus
    • Know exactly when your children arrive at school or at home
    • Provide parents and caregivers with multilingual options in the app
Last Modified on September 28, 2022