Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Stoermer

Amanda Stoermer


This is Mrs. Stoermer's 25th year in teaching and second year at Stone Bridge High School.  Prior to that, she taught 22 years in elementary and two years in middle school in Arizona as a teacher, lead teacher, principal and personalized learning instructor.  She loves SBHS students and staff and has a passion for working diligently to make sure students are engaged in learning, exploration and given personalized opportunities.  

Mrs. Stoermer received her Bachelor's and Master's degree from Northern Arizona University and majored in bilingual and multicultural education.  Her Principal's degree has taught her that to first lead, we must serve and follow.  She has a passion for traveling to other countries and living among other cultures to understand the world with global respect.  She enjoys Zumba, jazz and tap because she is able to express her energy and passion via dance.  One of her top priorities is spending time with her family and pets.