• Hi Pioneer Family! 


    My name is Amy Attiliis and I'm thrilled to start off this year at Sterling Middle School! I'm SO excited to meet my students and get to know them over the course of this year.  However, let me share a little bit about myself before we begin.  Art is a passion of mine that I have always loved, and continue to love to this day.  I've been involved since I was young, and particularily love ceremics and painting with acrylic paint. When I'm not teaching or doing "artsy" things, I also love reading, exploring new places, cooking, and searching for the best donut out there.  Originating from Virginia myself, I have always loved the Loudoun County area. All said, that's enough for now. My students will hear much more as the year goes on.  In the meantime, please feel free to contatct me at Amy.Attiliis@LCPS.org if you have any questions.  Please see below for my schedule and homework information.




    Amy Attiliis


    Where can I find homework?


    Homework will be posted on my calendar.


    What is Ms. Attiliis's Schedule?



      • A Days
        • Block A1-2-Art 8
        • Block A3-4-Planning (please see the house secretary to see if you can help out somewhere else in the building with coverage).
        • Block 5-6-Art 8
        • Block 7-8-Art 8
      • B Days
        • Block B1-2-Art 8
        • Block B3-Art 7
        • Block 4-Art 7
        • Block B5-Art 7
        • Block B6-Art 7
        • Block B7-Art
        • Block B8-Art 7



    • ALL DAYS!! First block in the morning...


      • Block 9-ADVISORY


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